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Spring Valley High School
The new Rekortan® running track inside Harry Perone Stadium at Spring Valley High School, Columba SC.

When Spring Valley High School in Columbia SC hosted this year's prestigious Taco Bell Classic Track & Field Meet, they did it on a brand new Rekortan M99 track installed by Chattanooga's Competition Athletic Surfaces.

This year's event attracted more than 137 teams from the southeastern and eastern United States, ten times the number that attended the inaugural meet in 1981. The growth in numbers parallels events widening reputation, according to Spring Valley coach and meet co-director John Jones. "This year, it's probably the top track meet in the Southeast and one of the strongest in the nation," Jones said.

As the meet grew, however, so did the wear and tear on the Harry Parone Stadium track. Last year, Spring Valley decided to replace the track surface with Rekortan, a 100% polyurethane product of Pennsylvania-based Advanced Polymer Technology Corporation.

Introduced in 1969, Rekortan revolutionized track re-surfacing, eventually earning Advanced Polymer Technology the coveted ISO 9001 certification. According to the company's website, "we have always focused on excellence, innovation and diversity. In order to maintain these traditions, APT limits the installations of Rekortan and Spurtan systems to designated partners across the globe."

One of those collaborators is Competition Athletic Surfaces, and company president Lee Murray values the partnership and the quality of the product. "Rekortan was the surface for the LA Olympics, the Stuttgart World Championships and the Brisbane Goodwill Games. It's unbelievable durable, lightning-fast and attractive as well," said Murray.

Olympic Gold Medalist, Michael Johnson, who knows a thing or two about track surfaces, heralded Rekortan as the best surface he has run on in his career, both for training and competition.

Founded in 2000, Competition Athletic Surfaces, Inc. builds, resurfaces and repairs tennis courts, running tracks and other athletic surfaces throughout the southeastern United States. The company is a manufacturer approved contractor for the Spurtan and Rekortan running track systems as well as a Plexitrac authorized applicator.

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