Running track on asphalt?

Yes, there are still plenty of schools out there with bare asphalt running tracks. Well intended facility folks pave the track then may realize the importance of the next step - adding a resilient running surface.

In many cases they aren't a track surface is needed. Sure a bare asphalt track is low maintenance. The homecoming vehicles can drive all over it, the field mowers can cross at will, and the football crowd can mill around on it during games. However ask the track athlete. They hate it. And it's bad for them! It is harmful for those kids to run sprints and hurdles. And no track coach will want to run a serious track meet on it. But there are still plenty of bare asphalt tracks out there!

Track brings in little revenue. The area of a track is pretty large and thus it's expensive to install resilient surfaces. But consider this:

The number of kids in a high school track and field program can be in the hundreds. Far more kids can be involved than most if not all the other sports. All shapes and sizes can compete in track and field events.

When considering an investment in track consider the cost per student served.

You might find you will be providing more "service" by investing in a nice user friendly running track surface!

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