Are you looking for healthy activities for young people? Why not tennis? Several factors are coming together to make tennis a viable activity for elementary and middle schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, municipal recreation centers and anyone looking for physical education programming to offer young people.

Consider this:

1.You don’t have to have tennis courts! What? Yes that’s right. The court size has been greatly reduced for youth tennis. You can mark out a youth court on the parking lot, in the gym, literally anywhere. Posts and nets are portable and easy to set up and take down.

2.Concerned about concussions? Not so much a problem with tennis.

3.Tennis is truly a “life sport”. With smaller courts for young kids and smaller courts for older folks (Pickleball), you can play and keep active your entire life!

The USTA (United States Tennis Association) has created an extensive package of resources designed to make starting and maintaining a PE or after-school tennis program easy and enjoyable for all. Whether you are looking for tennis-specific physical education sessions, Kids’ Tennis Clubs, "No-Cut" teams, or more, the USTA can help.

If you are looking for healthy meaningful activities for youth give tennis another look.

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