Time to Fix Your Running Track?

By now you know every square inch of your running track and field. You have been practicing for months and you have seen the track when it's wet, dry, warm and cold. You know it needs work before next season but the problem is you aren't sure exactly what needs to be done. Can the surface be repaired and refinished? Is something more like surgery needed? Or does the entire track need to be demolished and start completely over?

With budgets so tight it's important you understand whats going on with your track so the appropriate solutions can be evaluated. Ask around and get names of contractors who have done work in your area. Then ask them to visit your facilitiy, make suggestions and give estimates. If the contractor is only trying to sell you a new surface make sure he explains why repair options aren't viable. Here are some things to remember:

Repairs and/or Resurfacing - Repairing and resurfacing a track surface is normal during the life of a track. All resilient surfaces wear down and damage can occur. If the problems are in the resilient surface only and damage doesn't go down into the underlying asphalt pavement then resurfacing can be a viable option. These options are the lowest cost ways to add life to your track surface and make it look new. We have done repairs for as little as $400. Resurfacing a latex track with new coatings and lines can cost as little as $20,000-$25,000. Resurfacing polyurethane surfaces can cost $55,000-$60,000 and up.

Replacing the Resilient Surface - There comes a time when repairing and resurfacing is no longer an option and the resilient surface must be completely removed. It is either scraped or milled off and hauled away. This gives you the opportunity to inspect the underlying asphalt and make any repairs necessary. If the asphalt is 15-20 years old or more most track surface manufacturers suggest you try to add a new asphalt overlay before installing a new resilient track surface. Typically the cost of removing a surface is $15,000 Installing a new resilient track surface can run from $65,000 for a small track to $250,000 and up if you choose a cadillac surface.

Complete Reconstruction - This option includes removing not only the resilient track surface but also the underlying asphalt. Severe cracking, drainage problems, uneven asphalt are all symptoms that point to this option. Reconstruction allows you to improve drainage of the track and field, add lanes, correct a wavy track oval along with many other problems. Obviously we are talking about a major project here. $150,000 and up depending upon the size of your track, the underlying problems that must be solved, and the type of resilient surface you choose.

This all seems complex but really the basics are similar to your driveway at home: build a sound well draining base, add a nice strong asphalt pavement. Once this is accomplished install the rubber surface that you can afford. Summer is the best time to do this work so start gathering information and estimates now while you are most familiar with your track!

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