We are getting so many calls from tennis court owners who are concerned about cracking on their courts.Why do so many tennis courts have cracks??There are lots of older asphalt tennis courts out there with cracking. As the underlying asphalt pavement ages it naturally loses its pliability and becomes more dried out and brittle each year. This means it is more susceptible to cracking as time passes. Any shifting underneath can cause new cracking or expansion of existing. Temperature extremes can do the same.

Most of the time these cracks actually originate from underneath then work their way up to the surface. When this is the case it is impossible to "solve" the problem from the surface. Any crack treatments are really only “band aids” covering a fracture. All that can be done is to hide them temporarily. Because crack treatments are unsightly our suggestion is that you only treat cracks that become problematic for play or hazardous to the players. Generally we recommend waiting to do a full scale crack treatment when you are ready to resurface the courts.

Here are your basic options starting with the least costly:

1. Basic trowelled-in crack filling - fill the top portion of the crack with either a flexible filler or for wider cracks a hard, acrylic cement. $3.00-$6.00 per linear foot of cracking

2. Fabric overlay crack treatment - a more substantial method for covering the crack. $15.00-$20.00 per foot

3. Lay on top surfaces - installing a new surface that lays on top of the old court without attaching to it allows the crack to keep moving without tearing the new surface. Premier Court, Sport Court modular, and synthetic turf are examples. $25,000-$35,000 per singles court.

4. Slip sheet paving - install new asphalt pad after laying several inches of crushed stone base on the existing court. This raises the level of the court 6-8 inches and typically requires significant work on the surrounding areas.$30,000-$45,000

5. Completely remove and rebuild the court - the only way to truly "solve" the cracking problems. $45,000-$55,000.

These are the various crack treatment methods but these are really akin to using a band aid to cover a deep wound. Yes you hide it but are doing nothing to fix it. Be certain you have a realistic expectation about any crack work you have done.

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